Chairman Message


The Daewoong Foundation is a registered scholarship organization established in 1984
that reflects thecommitment of the Daewoong Family to keep inspiring youth and scientists
around the world to contribute to society.

​ Funded solely by the honorary chairman Yoon Young-hwan of Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd,
we strive endlessly to fulfill our goal of nurturing excellent talents, by working together with
many HCPs around the world that have dreams and work hard towards the next generation.

​ Thus through this new online continuous medical education (CME) platform called "ShareDoc",
we hope that our foundation could continue its success and achievement throughout the past
30 years. Daewoong Foundation even in difficult circumstances will continue to support the best
talents to develop their knowledge specially in medical health-care area to make a contribution for the society.   ​

Thank you. ​

Chairman of Daewoong Foundation

Bongeunsa-ro 114-gil 12, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea | E-MAIL | Chairman: Jae Seung, Yoon

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