Daewoong Foundation

Daewoong Foundation is a scholarship foundation established in 1984 and funded solely
by the donation of Honorary Chairman Yoon Young-hwan of Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
with the purpose of contributing to the advancement of global health-care system
and medical technology through talent development programs.

Our purpose

Daewoong Foundation is working towards the public health promotion and medical technology development
by nurturing global talents through scholarships and research support.

This time Daewoong Foundation aims to contribute to the global medical needs by delivering the latest
medical issues to health care professionals (HCP) around the world through the online continuous medical
education (CME) platform called as 'ShareDoc',
as well as building a platform for HCPs to share medical knowledge and become a reliable medical discussion platform.

Core Values

The core of Daewoong’s corporate spirit and the creed instilled deep inside the thoughts and attitudes
of all Daewoong employees, and the value maintained most importantly by Daewoong.

  • Justice
    Never take an unrighteous
    path even if it can bring
  • Fairness
    Think in the shoes of others
    and never lean too much
    to one side
  • Win-Win
    Only do work that is
    the interest of us,
    counterparts and the society
  • Open Mind
    Always speak the truth
    and listen to other opinions
    with an open mind
  • Stewardship
    Unite work and fate
    and work hard
    until being successful

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